Recovery Stories


I have been involved with the Oklahoma Health Professionals Program (OHPP) for over 7 years and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.  At first, compliance with the state board’s requests seemed like an impossible task. Meetings, Affinity testing, meeting sheets, it all seemed like cruel punishment. Forced accountability made me feel… View Article


This is my story………. I was raised as the youngest of three in a lower middle class alcoholic/drug addicted home.  I took my first drink at 13 ½ years old.  I drank cheap wine while babysitting with two girlfriends and I can still see the room spinning as I write this story.   I got sick, but… View Article


By the end of the year, I was getting my second divorce. I remember thinking back to my youth, back at the Mennonite Church when we looked down on people who were divorced and now here I was on number two. My past was a mess but I had to look forward or I would just repeat the cycle again. The Dental Board had told me that if I wanted to apply for a new license, I would have to take clinical Boards again. It had been 20 years since I took Boards and I still remembered the stress. I took the Boards in June and passed. Now I would have to go before the Dental Board and request a new dental license. Parts of me told me it would never happen, that there was too much history, that I was a loser…..the same parts that had always told me to have a drink. I prayed ever harder and found hope in the fact that with or without a dental license, sobriety would make life worth living again.