Recovery Stories

This is my story……….

I was raised as the youngest of three in a lower middle class alcoholic/drug addicted home.  I took my first drink at 13 ½ years old.  I drank cheap wine while babysitting with two girlfriends and I can still see the room spinning as I write this story.   I got sick, but loved the rest of the entire experience.  I continued to drink or smoke pot an any given opportunity.  I was a full blown alcohol/addict by age 20.

My first introduction to AA was at the age of 22 in 1983.  I finally had an AA sobriety date of January 29, 1985.  This would be my birthday for the following ten years.  Those ten years were more productive and pleasant that the previous ten years had been. Hands down.  I graduated from college and completed four years of dental school with very reasonable grades and with ease.

After a divorce and about two years of practice under my belt, I decided “maybe I’m not an addict, maybe now that I’m a professional, educated and responsible I could surely use with control”.

Five years later (I only made it that long because two were spent either trying to become pregnant or being pregnant) my disease had me so tight in its grip I was afraid I was going to die.  I’m one of those who had little courage when it came right down to an ending.

I called a friend who called a friend and that night I was on a plane to Talbott Recovery Campus in Atlanta, Georgia.  That was January 2, 2001.

I feel my message to give is….This disease of addiction is chronic, progressive, and relapsing. It is massive and would like to take me down if allowed the opportunity.

The Health Professionals Program, drug screening, meetings, sponsors, counseling, friends a very consequential husband and God as I understand him, are much greater than my disease.  I am forever grateful to have learned more about addiction rather to die from it.